Welcome to RnR Gaming

Respect. Trust. Teamwork.

These three words are the Definition of what it means to be a member of the RnR Community.

  • Respect, Respect for your fellow gamers and your fellow Community Members.
  • Trust, Trusting that your community has your back no matter what, that they will stand by you through thick in thin and never quit on you.
  • Teamwork, Knowing that you can count on your Community members do their part, just as they can count on you.

RnR gaming is a community dedicated to eradicating disrespect and poor sportsmanship. Founded in late 2009, we are a group of dedicated gamers focused on building strong bonds through respect and teamwork. As a member of RnR you will no longer have to tolerate the less desirable players within the Xbox Live gaming community.

Enjoy gaming at its best with RnR. Within the community you will find a group dedicated to helping build better players and a better community. All leadership elements of RnR Gaming have experience within Gaming Communities and have established training programs for our competitive wings however skill is a not a factor and we also offer casual gaming for those so inclined.

If you would like a sample of what we do as a community or are just looking for a laugh you can check out our YouTube Channel

If you have any questions or would like to set up an Event with our Community please contact us via our forums.