The Second Halo Ninja Warrior Tournament

RnR invites you to join us on our second…

Ninja Warrior Tournament

With the wrap up of our first tournament a few months ago we are super excited to see if we can find any Ninja Warriors capable of going all they way. Here is a recap of Tournament One.

Tournament Information

  • Sign Ups are available from now – November 20.

  • We are capping the amount of sign ups at 50 members.

  • Please use our main signup located on Halo Customs or message zzSOzz or Sir Novalot if you are interested in playing.

  • The tournament begins on Saturday November 23.

  • Each stage will be in groups of 5 until everyone has had a chance to complete the stage. We will let each competitor know in advance exactly what time they will compete.

  • The tournament will be run in 4 separate stages.

  • Forge Island DLC is required to enter the tournament.

Tournament Rules

  • You must complete each map in the allotted time given.

  • Tardiness must not exceed 5 minutes into the time your run starts or it will result in disqualification unless prior notice is given.

  • Additional rules may be applied to a specific stage and you will be posted in each round update.

  • This tournament is hosted in the spirit of RnR and our full Code of Conduct can be found HERE.

Tournament Breakdown

A live stream of the tournament will be available on Twitch for anyone to watch

Stage One and Two

  • The stages 1-3 maps will be released to the public ahead of the Tournament. The maps will be located in zzSOzz and Sir Novalot‘s file shares. The fourth stage will not be released in advance.

  • Stage One and Two must be completed in 75 seconds or less in order to advance to the next round.

  • If you die or fail to complete in the required time you will be eliminated from the tournament.

  • The clock will start once you begin your first jump.

  • The clock will stop when you die or melee the explosive at the end of the course.

Stage Three

  • Stage Three does not have a time limit.

  • If you die you are eliminated from the tournament.

  • Once you begin you can not turn back. The stage is completed when you melee the explosive at the end.

Stage Four

  • Stage Four must be completed in under 50 seconds

  • The clock starts on the first jump and ends when you die or melee the explosive at the end.

  • If multiple people exceed the time limit the fastest time will be declared the tournament champion


The champion will be crowned when Stage Four is completed.
If Stage Four is not completed by anyone in the required time NO winner will be crowned.
If multiple competitors complete Stage Four in under the required time the fastest time will be the declared the winner.

The winner will receive a Microsoft Point Card for the amount of

1600 Microsoft Points!
(or currency equivalent via Xbox Live)

Inspired by all the great Ninja Warrior Community


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