About Us

RnR Mission Statement

RnR Gaming is a community that was founded upon the idea that a community’s focus is on respecting their fellow players and forming good relationships that would be the ideal home for many, great players. Thus our main focus has been and always will be on forming a community with kindness and respect for all.

In addition to the xbox live code of conduct, all members are held to high standards during their time within the community. All members are expected to refrain from cheating, scamming and other disruptive behavior.

RnR Gaming is also a community founded on the basis of forming better players and as such we focus on teaching those who join us in the ways of staying alive, personal weapon skills and teamwork.

Lastly, we look for members to establish communication with other communities of like mind, strengthening our front and spreading the word of RnR to the entire Xbox Live Community.

The Goals of RnR are to become a community that is widely recognized for Respect and Good Sportsmanship.

Ranking Structure