Code of Conduct

Section I Basic Rules:
1. All members will respect each other, insults and threats are not tolerated. Discrimination, racism, sexism, or harassment by or towards a RnR Gaming member will not be tolerated. Any confirmed reports of threats, insults, or harassment in game lobbies, chat forums, or any gaming situations or clan situations of any type is grounds for immediate dismissal.
2. Members will respect the leaders and what they represent. If there is a problem with a leader it should be presented to the leadership in a respectful manner. Swears, slurs and other insults towards the leadership will not be tolerated.
3. Members will conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times. You are representatives of RnR Gaming and thus your actions reflect on the whole clan.

Section II Leadership:

1. Leaders within RnR gaming are responsible for:

  • Organization of Clan Matches and Practices
  • Maintaining Professional Game Play During Clan Matches
  • Oversight of  Behavior of Lower Ranking Members
  • Basic Scheduling and Structure of the Group

Any Leader who neglects their basic duties without a valid excuse will be removed from rank.

2. Leaders will not abuse the powers and privileges which may come with their rank. Any officer or leader found to be abusing their power will be removed from rank.
3. Leaders and officers will maintain an open door policy with lower ranked members. All members are encouraged to bring any issues or concerns they have to Leadership.

Section III Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned Activities:

1. Members will not cheat or scam other members of RnR Gaming or members of the Xbox Live community. Any confirmed attempts to cheat or scam other players will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
2. Members will refrain from poaching or advertising with other clans. Any member found to be poaching from another clans membership roster will immediately dismissed and blacklisted.
3. Any problems caused by alcohol consumption or drug abuse at meetings or events is grounds for removal from the party/game and disciplinary action.

Section IV General Game Play Code of Conduct:

1. Excessive tea-bagging, trash talking, and any other form of disrespectful behavior during game play will not be tolerated. Every Member is a Representative of RnR Gaming and is expected to act as such.
2. Objective Holding is not tolerated. Objective Holding is defined as holding any type of objective (Bomb, Flag Etc.) or refraining from capturing objectives for the purpose of gaining kills and padding stats. Any Objective Holding is grounds for banning from competitive play and other forms of Disciplinary Action
3. RnR operates on a priority basis for all games, both in Custom and Matchmaking (Excluding Competitive Practices). An RnR party is defined as any party who is made up of more than half RnR Members or any party with which an RnR Member has party lead. In these cases Recruits and Potential Recruits have priority, followed by Current Members and Community Friends (Ex. OcR members etc.). Members should never be left playing on their own due to full parties where friends or randoms can be asked to back out. Any reports of party spots being held back will result in disciplinary action. In cases of open parties members will defer to the highest ranking RnR Member.
4. All positions are available to all members. No position should be held back during regular matchmaking due to lack of skill or experience. Any member who asks must be rotated into a position as soon as possible for no fewer than 2 games. Guests from other communities and Recruits should be given their favorite position for starting rotation. Any member who holds a position due to “higher Skill” or denies Friends or Members a position will be banned from that position for one week and subject to further action.