Official Destiny Thread

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Official Destiny Thread

Postby Wes » Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:30 am

Now that the game has been out long enough for everyone to buy/play it, lets discuss it.
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Re: Official Destiny Thread

Postby Wes » Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:57 am

Im going to skip the few things I liked about the game and go straight to the negatives.


- The story was basically none existent and I didnt care even a little about it.
- The characters are flat and uninteresting
- The dialogue is terrible
- Purple engrams should only drop GODDAMN purple gear (as of now, Ive had 8 purples turn into rares.)
- Your accuracy drops significantly when you're jumping or falling, which is very annoying.
- Its difficult to jump onto easy platforms like a crate or a ledge unless you have max agility. ( Every edge is just a liiiittle bit too high. I have to double jump everytime)
- Why doesnt the nav beacon stay up longer? Why do I have to stop sprinting/boosting to bring it up again?!
- No theater mode. (Bungie...Come on guys, theater mode isnt that hard of a concept, its been around for awhile now!)
- Legendary drops should be more frequent at very high levels (26+). And strike bosses should have a higher chance of dropping loot because, well, they're a BOSS battle.(I know the game uses a RNG, though.)
- No local VS mode or private match. I know they said the game would be online only but I didnt know they meant that far.
- Bladedancer in PvP. Unstoppable. I've 2x sniped + melee someone using it and they still had about half health left. Its pretty much an instant overkill on smaller maps.
- Hey Bungie, what if I dont want other people mission/strikes! (once again, no private setting)

This isnt really a complaint but I surprised to see that there isnt a large scale playlist like BTB. Maybe a 8v8 or even 10v10.

And lastly, could someone answer this. Do weapon stats matter in normal crucible? Can I bring a level 1 sniper in and do the same damage as a level 20, because I thought a sniper of any kind should be 1 headshot or 2 bodyshots.
I relinquish my title of "Person with the most amount of long post on the boards" to Crash.

Despite what Reb says, my name does not end with a "T"...
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Re: Official Destiny Thread

Postby RollSomeFace » Fri Sep 19, 2014 5:08 pm

In relation to the PvP question; all of your gear and weapons are balanced right now. Meaning all Scout Rifles do the same dmg, all Auto Rifles do the same dmg, ect..

So yes, you could technically just run into PvP with a white snipe and it would do the same as an exotic one. The only place that actual weapon damage applies is in the "Iron Banner Event".
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Re: Official Destiny Thread

Postby JokeMeister » Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:42 pm

Agree with all points above story based. I feel better about destiny's story if I pretend there isn't one.

They fixed the engrams which is nice. I also have noticed a little bit of clunkyness while jumping or walking on weird pieces of environment.

Overall though so far I've been willing to forgive some of the dumber aspects of the game because the core game play is phenomenal
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Re: Official Destiny Thread

Postby Crash » Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:34 am

The game play is indeed phenomenal. However, I miss the story that Bungie had delivered so many times before that I could just delve into, and we know how much I love the campaign of most games. The story is practically non-existent. The parts of the story that are there are incomplete. To many situations with no explanation.

Also, why the fuck isn't there a special set of dialogue in the Reef when speaking to the Awoken as an AWOKEN. "I have shown you benevolence Guardian. Should the Awoken ever need an ally, I will call on you..." Really bitch? I am Awoken! I feel they should've added some special dialogue in this case at least.

But instead they want you to go to and get your un-answered questions from the "Grimoire".

As far as Super Abilities go in PvP. After playing all of them, they really aren't OP. BladeDancer is no worse than SunSinger. The Titan does feel under powered when compared to the other two though. I have yet to see a Warlock die when trying to throw his Nova Bomb. A Titan trying to do the slam thing, I have seen die mid-special several times. All the classes, when using their specials, are supposed to get massive damage resistance and boosts. It just seems that the Titans don't get as much. And I don't like the Titans so I am shitting on my own 2 classes. I myself have entered the Titan bubble as a blade dancer and killed 3 people. But have also been wiped mid special in BladeDancer by a SunSinger. So to me, the only class that is truly un-balanced is the Titan. Let's recall Mark's story about hitting the Titan shield with a triple Nova Bomb. Killed the shield and everyone in it if I remember correctly.

They do need a Theater, as well as Private Lobbies and a Trade System. At least, a trade system among friends. I would also like to be able to get into MY stache from the ship in orbit. Going through 2 loading screens just to get to something that I own when I practically live in a ship is silly.
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