How To Join

RnR Gaming is always looking for new, active, fun players who want to join an organized clan. If you are only worried about stats or someone who has trouble respecting those around you this probably will not be the place for you.

Once we have gotten a hold of you we will set up a interview where we will get to know you a little bit and figure out if you are going to be a good fit for our group. When/if you are accepted,  you will be introduced to the rest of the community and start your recruitment period.  We are very careful about who we allow into our community because it is just that, a community, a place where we all come together to have fun. So for that reason our recruitment process is not a quick one. But if you are serious about joining a fun and mature community we welcome you.

If you feel you meet the requirements below and are interested in joining you can contact zzsozz, Sir Novalot or RollSomeFace via Xbox Live.

If you have already played with us and are sure you want to join you can fill out an application here.



1. Must be at least 16+ years of age

2. Must own Halo 4

3. Must have Xbox Live

4. Must be a respectful mature person. If you feel that
you are a respectful person looking for a great home,
then stop by our forums and fill out an application.