The RnR Newsletter: No. 1

Hey guess what everyone? It is back the illustrious RnR newsletter! This shall be the first of many newsletters to keep the glorious members RnR informed and possibly entertained. Now without any more introductions, due to the fact that I can’t think of anything else to write, let us get down to what really matters.

By now you hopefully should have heard that RnR will be re-opening its doors when Halo 4 launches. We plan to return with a vengeance and crush any and all who oppose us. With the grand re-opening of RnR there will be some changes to the basic formula of how things are run. As like the changing of the guard in Halo 4 our leadership and entire ranking structure will be completely overhauled. Unlike previous iterations the list has been simplified down the basics of what we need. The new ranks include the lowly Recruit, the normal Member, the sought after Veteran Member, the insightful Staff and finally the head of the snake, the Council. For any recruits wishing to be refreshed on what they have to do to become a fully-fledged member you must either contact a staff member or check the forums under recruitment.

That leads to the next topic, the forums. Our new forums are better than ever! We no longer have our forums on the pathetic free-forum website. We have rebuilt them from the ground up. They are stronger, faster and overall a grand improvement from our last attempt. Other social sections we have in RnR are our elite Facebook group. If you are fond of RnR and have a Facebook account we highly suggest that you seek admission into our group so you can receive near instant updates on all the happenings within RnR. We are experimenting with a new way to connect. We have also established a steam group where for when we play the occasional computer game all of us are easily on hand. As you know steam hasn’t the best voice communication system so the use of Skype is almost always required.

Moving away from the virtual gathering zones we are also having a get together in the month of November for MLG in Dallas. If attending you shall be able to meet numerous members of the community while watching people probably better than you and make a living playing video games. There will also be food and assorted shenanigans that ensue and if you are truly dedicated, a launch party for the release of Halo 4 on the sixth.

With the start of Halo 4 and the rebirth of RnR that means events are to be held. This ranges from the standard fun night to the Saturday game days. If you wish to give your two cents about a certain event please go under the event section of the forums and leave a reply. Also competitive teams will be returning. Guaranteed we will have a MLG team that will hopefully crush even the best, like instinct.

Finally on a side note artist are wanted. Anyone with some artistic skill and a passion for RnR are welcomed to submit their works that are RnR related. Hope this will tie you over until the next newsletter is released. Until then this is RnR Reb Hot saying “stay classy RnR, stay classy”.

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